About Oklahoma Ponds

Jay Villemarette & Family - Owner Of Oklahoma PondsOur story starts back in 1989 when our late grandfather, Joe Villemarette, aka Patio Joe, opened Patio Garden Ponds, the state’s first pond retail store. In 2003, the family retired from the brick and mortar retail store. Now, we serve the OKC metro area as the city’s premier pond contractor, Oklahoma Ponds.

Today, Jay Villemarette Jr. leads Oklahoma Ponds. He began his water gardening and koi career at just 15 years old when Patio Joe gave him his first job working in the nursery and helping customers with their pond questions. The knowledge and experience Jay received as a teenager working with his grandfather was the beginning of a lifelong obsession with garden ponds and koi care. Jay is now a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor and his team is ready to build you your perfect pond!

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What We Do

Pond construction is more than just rocks, waterfalls, and filters.

We build entire self-contained ecosystems.

  • We care for your koi or goldfish.
  • We’ll install plants that not only look great but keep your pond healthy, too.
  • And we provide regular services to keep your pond crystal clear all year long.

We take pride in our workmanship and our customer service, and we want you to take pride in your pond. That’s why we invest so much time and money honing our team’s skills. We want to earn your trust and provide you the best possible experience!

What makes us the best

The pond industry is ever-changing. Jay makes sure that he and his team are always at the forefront of education and the latest pond techniques. As a Certified Aquascape Contractor, the Oklahoma Ponds’ team spends countless hours perfecting our craft and promoting the pond industry. Our motto is Ponds Done Right, Customers Served Right! Jay’s passion for beautiful and healthy ponds shines through the exceptional work that he and his team do.

The work we do is inspired by nature and guaranteed by our experience in the field. From the initial design to the final details, Jay and his management team oversee every project.

If you have any pond questions or are interested in a new water feature please Contact Us for a free phone consultation.

Jay Villemarette pictured with Aquascape’s Ed Beaulieu aka The Pond Professor and Ty Park, Founder of Iguanaland at a 2020 pond build in Punta Gorda Florida
Jay Villemarette pictured with Aquascape’s Ed Beaulieu aka The Pond Professor and Ty Park, Founder of Iguanaland at a 2020 pond build in Punta Gorda Florida

We are absolutely thrilled that we chose Oklahoma Ponds for our new water feature. The bubbling urn is a focal point in our patio and garden area, and the lighting makes it magical at night. Jay and the entire team are true professionals. We highly recommend Oklahoma Ponds!

Linda Brown November 24, 2023

Very professional and thorough, Colby was very knowledgeable concerning all things pertaining to water features. Very satisfied with the work he did and we wouldn't think of using any other company. Highly recommend them!

Diana Meier November 21, 2023

Absolutely an A-1, excellent shop and personnel to deal with in all regards. Jay at the front desk has experience and knowledge to answer pond and fish questions and help you in building your own water feature and stocking it with koi and gold fish. Along , with Sandy at the front desk, they've made all my dealings with them a pleasure. As to service calls and personnel Colby has been my primary service contact and is competent and has a background and experience working in all aspects of the pond business from installation and maintenance to necessary chemical knowledge and fish - a pleasure to work with and gain knowledge from him. All the personnel have been a pleasure to work with and if you're looking to build a pond, this is the place to go and these are the people to talk to about any project you might have. I talk from my experience with a 10'X14' koi pond with 6 large (16"+) koi and numerous smaller koi, mosquito and growing babies. One of the pleasures in life is to simply go out and enjoy the pond/ waterfall/ and fish in the peace and quiet of the early morning and meditate - total relaxation that starts the day off right. Thanks to Jay and his staff.

Gordon Batchelor November 10, 2023

Once again Oklahoma Ponds showed up when they said the would and did an excellent job. I can promise you will definitely be satisfied with their service.

Michael Loup November 3, 2023

As always, Oklahoma Ponds does a great job and is ready to answer any questions I might have! Colby was great to work with and did a fine job.

Linda Clemons October 25, 2023

Jay and his crew designed, built and maintain our pond. We’ve had the pond for a little over a year and absolutely love the Oklahoma ponds crew!

Jeff Richardson October 16, 2023

Nice water fountain and excellent job on time recommended every one interested

Chino Chino October 11, 2023

So pleased with my water feature! From the design to the implementation, all my expectations were met. Professional team and experience

Lynda Rushing October 11, 2023