Waterfall Construction

We design and build beautiful waterfalls

We Design & Build Beautiful Waterfalls & Pondless Waterfalls

Waterfall installation can add a unique and beautiful element to your landscaping. The soothing sound of flowing water and the visual interest of a cascading stream can create a peaceful and serene environment in your backyard. Not only are waterfalls aesthetically pleasing, but they can also provide a natural focal point and increase the overall value of your property.

When it comes to waterfall construction, there are a variety of options available to suit different budgets, spaces, and preferences. From a small pondless waterfall to a large, multi-tiered waterfall, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're looking to create a secluded retreat or simply want to add a touch of nature to your backyard, a waterfall installation can be the perfect solution.

Oklahoma Ponds is a water feature and pond building company based out of Edmond, OK and serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.  We specialize in waterfall design and waterfall construction including pondless waterfalls, small waterfalls, and large multi-tiered waterfalls.  Whether you'd like to incorporate a waterfall into an existing pond or you'd like us to build something new, we can help!

We also operate a fully stocked retail store with everything you need to build or maintain waterfalls and other water features.

What Are The Benefits Of Incorporating A Waterfall Into Your Landscaping?

There are several benefits to incorporating a waterfall into your landscaping:

Aesthetics: Waterfalls can add visual interest and beauty to a backyard or garden. They can be designed to complement the existing landscape and architecture of a home.

Tranquil Sounds: The sound of running water can be soothing and relaxing, and can help to create a sense of tranquility in the backyard.

Ambiance: Waterfalls can create a sense of natural ambiance in the backyard, making it feel more like a private retreat.

Ecosystem: Waterfalls can provide a habitat for aquatic plants and animals, which can contribute to a more diverse ecosystem in your backyard.

Types Of Water Features We Build


We are your Oklahoma City waterfall construction experts.  We can design and build a variety of different styles and sizes of waterfalls for your property.

6 Foot Pondless Waterfall Cost

6' Pondless Waterfalls

Starting at $6,000

10 Foot Pondless Waterfall Cost

10' Pondless Waterfalls

Starting at $10,000

Custom Waterfalls

 Custom Waterfalls

Starting at $12,000

These prices are only ball park figures to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect to pay for waterfall construction.  Your particular waterfall design may vary depending on the site, the specific materials chosen, and the overall scope of work.  If you need a firm price please request a consultation so we can view your potential project, listen to your ideas, and determine the actual scope of work required to complete your waterfall construction project.  After our on-site consultation we'll be able to provide you with a firm estimate.

Waterfall Construction Projects We've Completed


We've designed and built some of the most beautiful backyard waterfalls in Oklahoma City


James and Darian did an awesome job expanding the borders of our boulders for proper water retention. They paid attention to detail making the feature look natural and pleasing to the eye. James made a great suggestion to tie in more lighting around the periphery of rocks. Jay, the owner is a professional in the water feature business. As of last summer we now have water features in the front and back of our house. He has hired and trained the right guys for these jobs. Two thumbs up!!

Larry Olsen January 9, 2023

Oklahoma Pond do the koi Pond for me and Jay and Oklahoma Pond team is one of the best to work with they always on time

Phat Tran January 8, 2023

Jay and everyone at Oklahoma ponds are amazing. Super responsive and very helpful!

Claire Cameron December 12, 2022

Have used Oklahoma Ponds several times over the past year. They always respond quickly, they are always friendly, and they always do a good job.

sandra baker November 22, 2022

Oklahoma Ponds was great! They came out quickly to inspect the issue and fixed it the same day. Since we weren't home at the time, they sent us an instructional video which was very helpful. m

Alicia Crawford Wiley November 18, 2022

Jake and his crew did a great job on the pondless waterfall in our backyard. Jake is very responsive and easy to work with. Our 2 year-old bichon loved playing in the waterfall! Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in adding water features to their yard.

Sharon Zhu October 31, 2022

Can’t say enough good things about these guys. I highly recommend them.

Terri Layn October 27, 2022

These guys they went above and beyond the call of duty and delivered more than we could ever dream. He really paid attention to all the little details. And they even came back and serviced it. I want something extra for the backyard. And my pond has become the focal point. My grandkids love to come over and feed her fish. We’ve already got them to eat out of our hands 🙂 God bless y’all

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