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Pond Ownership Can Be Overwhelming
Education will take some of that stress away!

Whether you’ve always wanted to own a koi pond or you purchased a property that already has one, we want to welcome you to the incredible experience of garden pond ownership!

At Oklahoma Ponds, we have been caring for garden ponds and water gardens for over 30 years. We are the fastest growing pond care company in the Oklahoma City metro area, and we would love to help you learn more about your pond.


Pond ownership is a lifestyle. Water chemistry, fish health, filtration systems, pond maintenance – the amount of information can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to begin.

The internet is full of contradicting information, so it’s essential to get advice from an expert who has experience with pond cleaning, pond maintenance, and pond ecosystem health for OUR area.

Much of the time, conflicting information arises because not all ponds and environments are created equal. Each climate has its own unique set of challenges for pond owners. That’s why we strive to help Oklahomans learn how to take care of a pond the right way.

Does Your Pond Need Cleaning?

Most pond owners who recently inherited their pond benefit the most by our Deep Pond Cleaning and Consultation.

This service provides the owner with a deep pond cleaning, check up on the systems and components and a detailed discussion on how your pond works and what steps we/you can do to keep it healthy.

Your Pond Ecosystem

Four Fundamentals Of Pond Health

Oklahoma Ponds

We wish we could tell you that pond care is as simple as buying a filter with the best reviews. But in reality, there’s much more to having a beautiful, healthy garden pond. That’s why it’s important to learn about the FOUR FUNDAMENTALS OF POND HEALTH: Filtration, Bacteria, Plants & Fish, and Water Treatments.

#1. Water Filtration

Keeping Your Water Clean and Safe!

We at Oklahoma Ponds want you to enjoy a stunning, healthy pond for years to come. That all starts with an effective biofiltration system. Think of your filtration system as the “stomach” of your pond: digesting all the muck, gunk, and toxins in your water, making it livable for fish and plants.

The biofilter has two functions. First, it filters out and captures small particles in the water. Second, the media inside your filter is host to billions of beneficial bacteria.

These bacteria work together to eliminate and convert toxins produced by fish, birds, grass clippings, dead algae, decaying pond plants, and more. Each different substrate in your filter is preferred by different strains of bacteria. Speaking of bacteria…

#2. Bacteria

The Cornerstone of Pond Health!

Yes, you read that right: important, helpful bacteria. If you spend any amount of time around one of our Pond Pros, you’re going to hear about “beneficial bacteria” often. These bacteria work to keep your pond’s ecosystem perfectly balanced.

Think about it like this: fish use your pond like a giant bathroom. Plants use it as a compost pile for dead leaves and other waste. If your pond is outdoors, it’s a magnet for dirt, grass clippings, leaves, and other debris. All this waste builds up over time, increasing the amount of ammonia in the water.

Eventually, the ammonia levels become unsafe and deadly to your fish and plants. That’s where the beneficial bacteria come in. The bacteria growing in your biofilter break down and convert that nasty gunk into nitrites, which are then converted by other bacteria to nitrates. It’s these nitrates that are essential for plant health. This leads to our third point…

#3. Plants & Fish

Adding Interest to Your Water Garden!

Now we get to the fun part: plants and fish. Your garden pond is a unique ecosystem, one that will bring tranquility and joy to your space. Adding plant life and colorful fish not only make your pond more visually appealing, but they also work together to keep your ecosystem balanced.

Healthy pond plants feed off the nitrates in your pond, keeping the water clear and preventing algae growth. The more plants you have, the less nitrates there are to feed the algae. Depending on the amount of sun your pond receives daily, you should have about 70% of your water covered or shaded by plants.

Your koi or goldfish fish are likely the pond’s main attraction. Besides looking beautiful, they play a significant role in your pond’s ecosystem. The beneficial bacteria in your pond need the waste your fish give off. However, too many fish in one space will overwhelm the filtration system, leading to increased levels of toxins and decreased oxygen, particularly during hot summer months.

The Pond Pros at Oklahoma Ponds know exactly how many fish your water feature can handle. We will also teach you how to care for your fish and learn how proper pond maintenance will keep them healthy and happy.

#4. Pond Additives

The Right Way to Fast Results!

The internet and pond supply stores sell endless products claiming to clear murky water, get rid of algae, and promote fish and plant health.

While some of these products can be effective, they don’t all meet the needs of your unique pond. We can help you decide which of these products is right for your pond based on the symptoms it is experiencing.

Over time, your pond will become a self-sustaining ecosystem that doesn’t need much interference, but it doesn’t happen right away. In the beginning, chemical additives can help your pond stay healthy as its ecosystem matures.

Like so many other factors affecting garden pond health, chemical treatments require a delicate balance. Introducing the wrong chemicals – or incorrect amounts of chemicals – could lead to fish death.

Consult an Oklahoma Ponds professional before beginning any chemical treatments.

Here's What Our Customers Say...

Oklahoma Ponds

Oklahoma Pond do the koi Pond for me and Jay and Oklahoma Pond team is one of the best to work with they always on time

Phat Tran January 8, 2023

Jay and his crew were awesome, and really happy with how our 10’x15’ koi pond turned out. Jay is very responsive to any questions/concerns I had via text or phone. He also had a great attention detail, getting every boulder in the right spot, making sure the water fall was perfect, and slightly changing the design to better fit in the space in my yard. I definitely would recommend if you’re looking for a koi pond or waterfall feature.

Stanley Brent July 22, 2022

When my family moved to Norman from out of state, we bought a house that had a homemade koi pond in the backyard. We didn’t know a thing about it, so we called Jay to come check it out. Though our pond had all kinds of weird old parts, Jay and his crew kept it working and clean. When it finally broke down beyond repair a few years later, we decided to have them build us a new one. What they did, needless to say, looks much butter than the original. Thanks guys!

Robert Ashley June 13, 2022

Jay and his crew have cleaned my pond twice and have done a wonderful job. They are very knowledgeable about koi and ponds as well as lighting and plants. They are very personable and professional and I wouldn’t have anyone else help me with my pond again. Thanks, Jay!

Kathy Hines April 19, 2022

I could-not imagine choosing another person to build our incredible koi pound here at Rusty Gables. Jay has a passion beyond any imagination he built just what a water feature would look like that was made by Mother Nature , if your not pleased with his work I’m not really sure what I could tell you. Jay is a hard working caring person I am proud we met and he build our water feature and koi pond with several falls with a flow rate of 14,000 gallons and hours. I would recommend him to anybody . Feel free any time to take a look at our feature. Donald E. Paul & Sam Nicolosi Owners of Rusty Gables B&B Oklahoma City .

Donald Paul July 17, 2021

Great experience! I highly recommend this company. My koi pond has never looked this good. Kyle was very professional, knowledgeable and was very gentle while handling the koi.


I highly recommend Oklahoma Pond. Jay showed up right on time and worked diligently through the day to completely drain, clean, and restore our koi pond. His knowledge and willingness to share it with two new koi pond owners was just amazing. He care for our fish during the process was incredible, making sure they were stressed as little as possible while being displaced. He also removed many unwanted gold fish that had been added to the pond by the previous owners. What a terrific experience. You just can't go wrong with Oklahoma Ponds.

Frank Higgins March 21, 2019

Awesome service. Great attitude. They will get my repeat service. Jay is the real deal when it comes to koi ponds.

Rusty Barfield February 23, 2019
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