Pond Maintenance

Keep Your Pond Looking Great All Year Round!

Keep Your Pond Or Water Feature Looking Great All Year Round!
We specialize in pond and water feature maintenance throughout Oklahoma City, OK

If you're searching for pond maintenance near me then look no further than our team at Oklahoma Ponds. We are based out of Edmond, Oklahoma and serving all of Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.  We specialize in maintaining our customers ponds, water features, and natural swimming pools all year-round.

We can handle every step of the pond maintenance process including water quality testing, filter changes, pump maintenance, PH balancing, plant trimming and plant health, removal of invasive plants, adjusting rock positioning, adjusting fountains or bubblers, and we also offer pond cleaning services too.

Why Do You Need Ongoing Pond Maintenance?

Not maintaining your outdoor garden pond can cause it to become an ugly and unhealthy structure that is even dangerous for nurturing the aquatic life living there. Regular pond maintenance will help the fish in your pond thrive and be as healthy as possible. It also prevents dirt from clogging up filters, pond liner tears, and just generally becoming an unsightly eyesore if not kept up with.

Here are some of the best things to pay attention to in order to keep a well maintained outdoor pond:

  • Clean your pond regularly by skimming and removing leaves or dirt.
  • Prevent nearby plants from becoming overgrown or growing into your pond.
  • Grow strategic water plants.
  • Learn to maintain the pond in the winter months.
  • Keep control over any algae growing.
  • Maintain your water pump, filters, and fountains.
  • Patch up and control any leaks.
  • Keep and maintain an appropriate water level.
  • Keep a steady and regular water temperature.

What Determines Your Ponds Maintenance Schedule?

The Size Of Your Pond

The size of the pond is a major factor when it comes to pond maintenance.  Obviously larger ponds take more time to maintain and sometimes require different methods to properly maintain.  For example, smaller ponds we can generally access fairly easily which can keep the labor cost down.  Larger ponds, with intricate fountains or waterfalls, aren't so easy to access.  We may need waders or even a small boat to properly access what we need.

Do You Have Fish In Your Pond?

If you have Koi or other fish in your pond the water quality must be maintained to a very specific standard.  The water PH and total dissolved solids (minerals) need to be monitored and corrected when necessary.  Usually some type of aerator is required and that must be maintained as well.

When Was The Last Time The Pond Was Maintained?

If your pond is regularly maintained it makes our job a lot easier.  Sometimes we'll be called out to get a neglected pond back into a manageable state and that can cost more just due to the amount of additional work involved.  To keep your pond in excellent shape and keep overall maintenance costs down, it's often best to just stay on top of the maintenance.

If you've just purchased a home with a pond that has been neglected we recommend scheduling a thorough pond cleaning before we begin with maintenance.

How Many Plants Are In The Pond?

Your plants contribute to the natural beauty and health of your ponds ecosystem.  However, plants require upkeep like trimming, feeding, and sometimes even relocation or removal.  Invasive plants can take over your pond as well and should be removed when necessary.  An overgrown pond can look like an overgrown swamp and that's probably not the look you're going for.

Lighting And Electrical

Lighting and electrical can add to the maintenance requirements for your pond.  Lights need to be maintained, they might need to be changed out as bulbs burn-out or if they are damaged.  The electrical and wiring also needs to be maintained.  Whenever you add electrical to the outdoors in a wet environment you are inviting problems to occur.  This is just par for the course.  When your lighting and electrical is working fine, great!  When it's not.... Then it needs troubleshooting and repairs.

Your Pond Filtration System

Your pond filter keeps your water clean and clear.  The filters or filter media must be inspected and changed or cleaned fairly regularly.  Depending on the filtration system the cartridges or the specific media used can contribute the overall cost of your maintenance.

Choosing The Right Pond Contractor To Maintain Your Pond

Keeping your pond happy, healthy, and clear requires knowledge and time (either yours or a professional team).  It's important to choose the right contractor for the job.  Look for a company with experience in pond maintenance and one that can offer you a variety of services to keep your pond healthy and looking great.

Make sure that they are properly licensed and insured and that they have a good reputation in the community.  Your pond is an asset to your property only when it's healthy and looking great.  You want to make sure that you're getting the best possible service for your pond.

Oklahoma Ponds is a licensed, insured pond building company based out of Edmond, Oklahoma and serving the surrounding area.  If you'd like to schedule a consultation for your pond maintenance please give us a call (405) 276-5706 or fill out our pond consultation form to get the process started.

Pond Maintenance Pricing


Caring for your pond can be a lot of work.  We offer year-round, regular maintenance packages where you can have our team of pros maintain your pond.

The Cost To Build A Small Koi Pond

Monthly Maintenance

Starting at $125/Month

This includes monthly inspection, water quality testing, and 1 hour of basic cleaning labor.

The Cost To Build A Large Koi Pond

Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Starting at $175/Month

This includes bi-weekly inspection, water quality testing, and 2 hours of basic cleaning labor.

Pond & Water Feature Maintenance Can Include


Every pond or water feature is unique and so are the maintenance requirements.  We can put together a maintenance package tailored to the needs of your specific pond or water feature.

Aeration Adjustments
Aquatic Plant Monitoring
Aquatic Plant Replacement
Algae Monitoring & Treatment
Clean Out Skimmer Basket
Debris Removal
Filter Check & Change
Fish Health Monitoring
Landscape Maintenance
PH Testing & Corrections
Pump Maintenance
Salinity Monitoring & Correction
Water Quality Testing
Water Changes
Temperature Monitoring

There is much to know about pond maintenance and keeping your pond ecosystem healthy.  We can put together a comprehensive pond or water feature maintenance program to keep your pond clean, healthy, and vibrant all year round, without you lifting a finger.  Well, you might have to feed the fish, but we'll handle everything else!


We believe in both clear water and clear communication. That’s why we want you to know what is covered under our Monthly Maintenance Program – and what is not.

The following services are not covered under the program and will incur an additional charge:

  • Spring clean-outs and/or fall shut-downs.
  • Leak detection or repair.
  • Other maintenance service calls.
  • Maintenance of non-aquatic plants, or supplying plants or fish.

Oklahoma Ponds was very responsive and did a thorough cleaning of our pond. I highly recommend them and will be using again.

Julia Ruark October 24, 2022

Excellent service and quick response to repair our waterfall feature. Much appreciated and would recommend Oklahoma Ponds if you’re in need of any maintenance.

Gary Tate July 6, 2022

Talk about above and beyond service. Jay and his crew are fantastic. Working in the cold, and making my pond crystal clear. Jay helped me find an affordable option when my old system finally kicked the bucket (literally! it was leaking like mad). I've used them for a couple years for pond maintenance and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Callie Boghetich January 7, 2022

Good job. Garden pond looks better since u have been doing the maintenance. Thanks, Carol

Carol Schmidt September 28, 2021

You can measure of business not just by they work they initially do, but the follow up and responsiveness afterward. Jay has been exceptionally responsive, both for routine maintenance as well as when I had emergencies. I highly recommend this business.

Thomas Marra January 26, 2021

Jay from Oklahoma Ponds is excellent and professional. We had a unique leak in our pond which other pond companies were unable to find and fix. Jay was able to locate it and fix it and our pond has not leaked since. If you are looking for an honest pond builder or pond maintenance company you cant go wrong with Oklahoma Ponds. P.s. Jay rebuilt our waterfall and it is absolutely gorgeous. It changed the wholelook of our pond and we could not be more pleased

DeCarla Steele June 9, 2020

I found Oklahoma Ponds online and decided to give them a try. My first experience with them was two years ago when they cleaned my Pond. They did a fantastic job. They later contacted me about cleaning a winterizing my pond. I accepted their proposal and was not disappointed. My most recent experience was when they came out again to open my pond for the summer. My pond is now beautiful and crystal clear. They did the work at the appointed time. I have been more then pleased with thier work and recommend them.

William James May 15, 2020

October 2019, I contacted Jay at Oklahoma Ponds to make a change in my service company. He came out and took time to explain the ponds, cleaning and maintenance with valuable insight to what I could do myself. March 2020, Kyle came out to do the annual cleaning. He worked all day and let my grandkids see the fish as they were transferred between ponds. My experience with this company is phenomenal and I would highly recommend.

Robbin Miranda March 30, 2020
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