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If you're in need of pond repair or water feature repair services in Edmond, Oklahoma or Oklahoma City, you've come to the right place! Oklahoma Ponds specializes in pond repairs and pond maintenance. Whether your pond is leaking and needs a new liner, the filtration system is broken and your water isn't clear, or your waterfall or fountain has stopped working, we can help!  If your pond simply needs a good cleaning, we can help with that too!

Oklahoma Ponds is based out of Edmond, Oklahoma and serving the surrounding area of Oklahoma City.  We specialize in troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of ponds, koi ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and water features.

Leaking Pond Repairs

If your pond is leaking and slowly losing water over time not due to evaporation it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. A leaking pond can cause all sorts of problems on your property such as erosion, drainage issues leading to property damage, and increased utility bills. We specialize in finding the leaks and fixing them permanently.

If you are suddenly losing water and find yourself adding more water than usual to your pond or water feature then you may have a leak.

What Does It Cost To Repair A Pond?

Oklahoma Ponds

On-Site Leak Detection

Starting at $249

Our leak detection service includes 1 hour of on-site inspection and troubleshooting. Our skilled technicians will start by checking the liner edges, skimmer and filter seals, and plumbing connections for any signs of leakage. If the leak can be found and repaired within the hour, the service is complete. If not, we move to our "Leak Finding Protocol".

Leak Finding Protocol - $599
(4 additional site visits included)

In the event that the initial inspection does not uncover the source of the leak, we have a protocol in place to isolate the problem. This involves turning off the pumps, filling the pond to its normal level, and monitoring the water loss over 24-hour intervals. We will use a loaner pump and hose to test the different sections of the waterfall or stream until the source of the leak is found. Our technician will then provide an estimate for repairs.

Pond Leak Repairs:

  • Liner patching (EPDM liners only) - $249
  • Skimmer/Biofilter reseal - Starting at $599

Pond Pump Replacement

Starting at $449

Our pump replacement service includes up to 1 hour of installation and is covered by a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. Most pumps come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, which we honor for the first year after installation.

Fountain Pump Replacement

Starting at $449

We offer fountain pump replacement services with up to 1 hour of installation, and a 1-year warranty for parts and labor. Most pumps come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, which we honor for the first year after installation.

Plumbing Repairs

Starting at $149 per hour, 1 hour minimum

Our plumbing repair services are priced based on the complexity of the repair and the amount of time required to complete it. Our technicians will diagnose the issue and provide an estimate before starting any work.

These prices are only ball park figures to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect for the cost of repairing your pond with some of the common problems we see in the field.  Every repair situation is different.  For accurate and firm pricing to repair your pond please request a consultation so we can properly troubleshoot your pond problems.

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Here are a couple tips you can try to find the leak on your own:

  • Inspect the edges of your waterfall, a common spot for leaks, and see if you can see where the liner has dropped down allowing the water to escape.
  • Make sure the water is not “bubbling” over the edges of your filter. Sometimes filter pads become compacted and force water out of the pond.
  • Inspect the bolts around the skimmer faceplate. The bolts used to hold the liner and faceplate tight can become loose or even decay away, especially if over 5 years old.

If you still can’t find the issues or don’t have the time, call us (405) 276-5706 today and schedule a visit from one of our technicians!

Pond Pump and Filter Repairs

If your pond is not circulating properly or the pond water is becoming really dirty and murky, it may be time to repair or replace your pond pump and/or filtration system. We can help you diagnose the problem and find the best solution for your pond.

Your pond pump is crucial to the health, beauty, and oxygenation of your garden pond and fish. Oklahoma City’s summers are HOT and dissolved oxygen levels will quickly deplete causing unnecessary stress, or worse, for your fish.

If your garden pond pump has stopped working, try these steps and schedule a visit from one of our technicians!

  • Make sure that GFCI has not tripped. Most outdoor outlets have two buttons where you plug your pump into. Try pressing the “RESET” button first.
  • Debris stuck on the inlet. If your koi pond does not have a skimmer basket, there’s a chance debris is stuck around the pump blocking water intake. If you’re able, unplug your pump and feel around to remove debris.
  • Try unplugging the pump for a few minutes and plug it back in. Air can become trapped inside the impeller and inhibit your pump from moving water.

Adding New Pond Plants

One of the best ways to keep your pond looking its best is to add new aquatic plants on a seasonal basis. Replacing any plants that have died or are not healthy. The right aquatic plants help to oxygenate the water, add color or interest, provide shade and shelter for pond fish, and can even help to filter the pond water. Aquatic plants are an integral part of your ponds ecosystem. We can advise you on which pond plants would work best in your pond and we can also install them for you.

Discolored Water

Dark, muggy, non-crystal pond water may be due to several reasons. If you are experiencing brownish water, it may be from tannins. Click here to read our blog on what tannins are: What’s a Tannin, and Why Should You Care.

If you are experiencing green water or excess of algae, this can be caused by several issues that will be best covered by a quick call to an experienced pro.

If you find yourself in a pond predicament such as dark and muggy water, pump problems, and/or leaking water, take all of these steps and precautions. If you still can’t find the issues or don’t have the time, call us today and schedule a visit from one of our technicians!

Oklahoma Ponds is a licensed, insured pond building and pond repair company based out of Edmond, Oklahoma and serving the surrounding areas of Oklahoma City.  If you'd like to schedule a consultation to repair your pond or water feature please give us a call (405) 276-5706 or fill out our pond consultation form to get the process started.


I called to have them look at a water feature they did not install. They came out and tried unsuccessfully, to repair it. I wasn’t real happy at that point. Jay then came out personally and showed me the many issues with my water feature that could be causing the problem. He said the only solution was a complete rebuild. I wasn’t real happy about the cost rebuilding the water feature. Jay and his crew showed up on time, rebuilt the whole water feature right down to digging more dirt from beneath the old one. The rebuilt water feature is 10 times what I expected! Great people, great job!

Texlahoman October 11, 2022

Excellent service and quick response to repair our waterfall feature. Much appreciated and would recommend Oklahoma Ponds if you’re in need of any maintenance.

Gary Tate July 6, 2022

When my family moved to Norman from out of state, we bought a house that had a homemade koi pond in the backyard. We didn’t know a thing about it, so we called Jay to come check it out. Though our pond had all kinds of weird old parts, Jay and his crew kept it working and clean. When it finally broke down beyond repair a few years later, we decided to have them build us a new one. What they did, needless to say, looks much butter than the original. Thanks guys!

Robert Ashley June 13, 2022

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