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Unique opportunity to save on pond enhancements!

With your scheduled pond cleaning visit just around the corner, we wanted to highlight a unique opportunity that’s available exclusively during this time. As your pond will already be emptied for cleaning, and our technicians will be on-site, this is the perfect time to consider additional enhancements or installations and save BIG without the added costs of separate visits.

Check out product details below!

Automatic Dosing System- $299

Maintaining optimum water quality has never been easier. The Dosing System SL is an electronically operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies specially formulated water treatments, eliminating the guesswork and routine of manually adding treatments. Dosing System SL is designed specifically for smaller water features as large as 2,000 gallons. Multiple treatment options are available for a wide variety of issues including cloudy water, bad odors, and excessive debris.

Small Lighting Bundle 8'x10'- $975

(5) 1-watt LED light, 20 watt transformer, Photocell, 6-way quick connect wire splitter. Includes 5 year warranty.

Medium Lighting Bundle 10'x15'- $1399

(4) 1-watt LED light, (3) 3-watt LED light, 20 watt transformer, photocell, 6-way quick connect wire splitter, 3-way quick connect wire splitter. Includes 5 year warranty.

Large Lighting Bundle 15'x20' - $2,399

(4) 1-watt LED light, (3) 3-watt LED light, (3) 6-watt LED light, 60 watt transformer, photocell, 6-way quick connect wire splitter, 3-way quick connect wire splitter. Includes 5 year warranty.

Professional Aeration - $429

Pond Aeration Kit is the ideal solution for aerating ponds and water features up to 5,000 gallons. The complete kit provides everything needed to supply dissolved oxygen directly to pond water, helping all biological processes and ensuring healthier water, fish, and plants. The system can also be used during freezing months where it will keep a hole open in the surface of the pond to help keep pond fish safe through the winter. Includes 3 year warranty.

River Pebbles - $18/per bag

Aquascape Decorative River Pebbles are ideal for enhancing a wide variety of water features and gardens. These unique decorative stones are hand-polished, smooth, and pre-washed, making them the perfect choice for you to complete your project.

Fish Food - 4.4 lbs bag, $29.99 (plus tax)

Aquascape Premium Staple Mixed Fish Food Pellets are formulated for everyday use and provide your pond fish with the nutrition they need to thrive at an affordable price. The mixed pellet size provides small, medium, and large pellets, ideal for ponds containing a variety of fish sizes. All Aquascape fish foods contain probiotics that aid in digestion and reduce fish waste, while the high-quality protein included helps to optimize growth rates. The floating pellets contain stabilized vitamin C and other quality ingredients and are scientifically formulated for all pond fish, including koi and goldfish. Aquascape fish food will not break apart during feeding, helping to maintain clear water conditions.

Trusted Treatments - $135

Our set of Trusted Treatments are designed to work with mother nature to provide a healthy and clean pond environment. With billions of beneficial bacteria and a special blend of phosphate binders and natural enzymes, this bundle can treat a 500 gallon pond for 4 months.