Types of Koi Fish: A ‘School’ of Variety

The Japanese Koi are arguably the most popular and widely kept fish on the globe. Koi fish are also known as Nishikigoi or jinli, which translates to ‘brocaded carp.’ They are very colorful fish which is why they can usually be seen in aquariums and the koi ponds we install for our customers.

The Japanese have identified numerous varieties of koi fish. These distinguish the varieties of koi fish based on their coloration, scales, and patterns. Koi fish are commonly found in white, red, black, blue, yellow, and cream colors.

Over 100 types of koi fish have been identified but only about 13 are popular all over the world. The most popular types of koi fish are:

  • Kohaku

Kohaku is the first variety of koi fish that developed with two colors. This fish’s majestic beauty makes it the most popular choice for koi pond. The Kohaku koi fish has a white colored body witch beautiful red blotches that give it its gorgeous look and recognizable aesthetic. Also, Kohaku fish usually have a yellow nose.

Kohaku have markings on their bodies that make them stand out. Most Kohaku have a red-colored mark on their head that is very distinguishable from the markings on the rest of their body.

  • Taisho Sanke

Taisho Sanke is also known as the Taisho Sanshoku or simply Sanke. Sanshoku means three colors. The Taisho has three colors on its body which are white, red, and black. It looks just like the Kohaku koi, except it has black markings.

  • Showa

Showa is also known as Showa Sanshoku or Showa Sanke. As mentioned earlier, sanshoku means three colors. Showa gets its name due to the presence of white, red, and black colors on its body.

Showa is quite similar to Sanke. However, the main difference that sets the two types of koi fish apart is the Karasu (black-colored body) of the Showa. Showa has white and red-colored markings over a mostly black-colored body or base.

  • Tancho

The Tancho koi fish is named after the national bird of Japan, the Tancho Crane, which has a prominent red spot on its head. Tancho is simple and sleek and is known for the trademark pigmentation (a red spot) on its head.

Tancho Kohaku is the most unusually beautiful Tancho. It is snow-white in color and has a red-colored spot on its head. This spot is usually round in shape, but it can be found in other symmetrical shapes as well. To fall under the Tancho umbrella, the spot on the head should be symmetrical, regardless of its shape.

  • Utsuri

Utsuri is not just a single type of koi fish. It is the name of a category, Utsurimono, that includes three types of Utsuri koi fish; Shiro Utsuri, Ki Utsuri, and Hi Utsuri. The koi fish that fall under in the Utsuri category have a black-colored body with red, white, or yellow markings.

How to Take Care of Koi Fish

There is no end to the benefits of having a Koi fish pond at your home. The aesthetically pleasing koi have a calming and anxiety relieving effect on people and few things come as close to paradise as a koi pond.

But like all beautiful things in life, koi fish, it takes a little knowledge to care for koi fish and to keep them healthy and beautiful. The key to taking care of koi fish is the pond. A healthy koi pond means healthy koi fish.

Listed below are the most important keys for caring for koi fish.

Perform constant water checks to avoid common problems

Koi pond owners will likely deal with issues like acid rain, excessive fish waste and nutrient-enriched runoff. You have to perform regular water checks to keep these issues from turning into serious problems for your koi.

Maintain the right temperature

Although it’s uncommon in Oklahoma, when ice does form on the pond’s surface, the koi fish will quietly go to the bottom of the pond. If the forecast expects freezing temperatures for several days then you will want to use a floating de-icer to maintain the hole in the ice for proper gas exchange.

Avoid overfeeding

Over feeding your Koi is one of the most common yet unhealthiest mistakes made by well-intentioned koi owners. Overfeeding can lead to poor water quality which itself can initiate a host of  additional problems down the road.  These problems include high ammonia and nitrites in the water which can translate into fin rot, parasites and other diseases.

How Much Do Koi Fish Cost?

Some breeders will pay up to $20,000 for a highly prized adult koi. Younger koi around four inches can sell for $10 or less for for the hobbyist koi owner.

But pricing varies everywhere. Where you purchase your koi fish, the variety of koi fish, the size of the fish, and the lineage can all affect pricing.

Koi Pond Installation: Get Started

Installing a koi pond is a great addition for your backyard or commercial property. Adding a waterfall to your koi pond will add a tranquil and relaxing sound of falling water to your garden, making the space a highly relaxing environment that you can escape to and unwind after a stressful day and watch the koi swim. The fantastic news is that koi pond installation on your property is easier and more affordable than you might think!

Whether you want to set up a koi pond installation at your home or a commercial property, Oklahoma Ponds are the premier koi pond installation experts in your area. Our family has been building and installing koi ponds in Oklahoma City for over 30 years and would love to work with you to build yours as well. Call us today or fill out this helpful form to get a free koi pond installation quote for your property!

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