Why You Should Buy Pond Supplies from Oklahoma Ponds

Pond owners have a choice when they purchase pond equipment and supplies. You can buy from an online retailer like Amazon or other major supply websites at a reduced price, or you can purchase those supplies from a reputable local pond store like Oklahoma Ponds.

We all like to save money. But is buying from a big box online retailer really the best option?

Online retailers sell these products at a lesser price than local businesses because they purchase huge quantities. They also streamline their distribution process with a robust workforce and automation, allowing them to pass those initial savings on to you, the consumer.

But those initial cost savings have long-term consequences. In the end, saving a few bucks at the time of purchase could mean spending even more money down the road.

Finding the Right Products for Your Outdoor Pond

Purchasing products online can be risky. Your pond is a delicate ecosystem and needs specialized equipment and supplies based on its size, location, and time of year. When you purchase from an online retailer, you could end up with a product that doesn’t meet your pond’s unique needs.

At Oklahoma Ponds, we offer personalized service. Our pond pros can tell you exactly what you need for your water feature, ensuring you don’t waste money on products that won’t work. We know Oklahoma weather and can make sure you get the right equipment and supplies for our state’s climate.

More importantly, we can guarantee your equipment is installed correctly, to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Product Warranties and Guarantees

Many pond supplies and products come with a manufacturer warranty. However, if you purchase from an online retailer, you could find yourself out of luck if the product has a problem.

Imagine you purchase an underwater pond light for your pond from an online retailer. One brand of pond lights comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is nearly unheard of for an underwater light. It’s a great warranty, so you purchase the product and then lose track of the warranty paperwork.

Three years later, it quits working. You might not even remember where you bought the light. Even if you recall something about a warranty, you probably don’t have the receipt or the warranty information. You might contact the retailer, who won’t honor the warranty because the product came from a third party. When you contact the manufacturer directly, you no longer have proof of purchase to file a claim. Your only option is to purchase a replacement light, possibly paying someone else to install it properly.

Now imagine you purchased that same underwater light directly from Oklahoma Ponds instead. Our experienced pond pros inspected your pond to make sure you received the correct equipment, installed the light according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and filed the warranty paperwork on your behalf.

Three years later, when you have a problem with the equipment, you simply call us. We have the purchase files on record and can contact the manufacturer directly to fix the problem. We receive a replacement product and install it for you at no additional cost. No hassle, no fuss, no complications.

While you may have saved a few dollars purchasing the product online, the end result is more expensive and frustrating than if you had purchased pond equipment directly from your local contractor.

We Make Ordering Pond Equipment Easy

Oklahoma Ponds, LLC honors all manufacturer warranties for at least one year, including labor costs. Our experienced pond pros will ensure you receive the best products and supplies for your pond’s unique ecosystem.

We have many products and supplies available during our annual pond cleaning, so there’s no waiting. If we need to order the product, you can rest assured that we will get you the best price on the best products.

Should you have a problem with your product, the solution is just one phone call away. Our pond pros will address the issue, contact the manufacturer, and get you a replacement quickly.

Pond ownership should be easy and enjoyable. Contact Oklahoma Ponds for all your supply needs.

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