Designing an Aesthetic Above Ground Pond

Are you looking to level up the aesthetics of your lawn? What better way to do that than installing an above-ground pond. This is likely to decorate a plain looking area and immerse it with the beauty of nature. Because you have so many landscapes to choose from, installing an above-ground pond presents itself as a preferable décor for your house.

Oklahoma ponds are a company that specializes in above the ground and underground ponds in Oklahoma. They have qualities that go beyond comprehension when it comes to pond making. They can provide you with pond landscapes that leave you speechless.

Not only are the ponds they construct beautiful, but also incredibly affordable. Therefore, if you are interested in having a little habitat that you can marvel at, then contact them. Imagine sitting down for a drink next to your very own waterfall.

Pond Designs​

Oklahoma Ponds can craft and construct an array of gorgeous pond designs. They are willing to offer you the landscape that appeals to you the most. There are no limitations to the landscapes of the above-ground ponds. Here are some of the best aboveground pond design options.

Aquatic Plants

A pond landscape with plants is an amazing choice since having aquatic plants gives your pond a more naturalistic look. Moreover, they also help prevent the growth of algae in your pond by starving them of all the minerals.


Adding a waterfall to your above ground pond will ultimately require a much larger space. To install this landscape to your pond, you should have it set outdoors. Anywhere from your lawn to your backyard, this type of pond will require an ample amount of space in which it can function. With the right amount of space, you can customize your pond in plenty of ways to make it look more natural.

The waterfall is a great addition in terms of display. It adds a natural movement of water along with the splashing sounds, which creates a pond-like essence. To make a glorious-looking waterfall make sure that it is big enough to stand out. Furthermore, you can even add fish to the pond with a proper oxygen supply so that it creates a miniature habitat.

Sculpture Pond

Are you interested in a classic design? Then take advantage of the artistry and skill of a sculptor. This design gives glimpses of the romance that plunges out of ancient Europe. It captures the authenticity and appreciation of early impressionists. An old soul would love to have an above-ground pond with a prestigious statue.

Oklahoma Ponds have multiple statue-oriented pond designs that are likely to grasp the attention of anyone who passes by. Furthermore, Oklahoma ponds can make multiple statue designs by combining it with waterfalls, hills, and lights.

Professional Koi Pond Installation in Oklahoma

Getting a professionally installed Koi pond in your home is only a short phone call away. At Oklahoma Ponds, we have over 30 years of koi pond installation expertise in the great state of Oklahoma. We are Oklahoma City’s fastest growing pond contractor, and that is not by accident. We strive to be the leader in all things garden ponds and water features. Every service we offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why choose us?

Specialized Company

We specialize in the care and construction of garden koi ponds. This allows us to stay up to date with the latest technology and advances in our industry

Dependable Services

Each of our technicians are thoroughly trained in the care and construction of garden ponds and water features. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Reputable Company

Every service comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our company’s reputation is impeccable, just take a look at our Google Reviews.

What is an Above Ground Pond?

To install an above ground pond, you need to build some surrounding. Since most of the ponds are underground, they require a little more construction work to come into fruition. Therefore, if you pick an above ground pond, you may have to choose between the materials of the pond’s walls.

The options may vary from stones, concrete, or clay. This is why contacting professionals at Oklahoma Ponds can be beneficial, as they can provide you expert guidance on which wall material best suits your pond design. Furthermore, contemporary above ground pond designs even include transparent walls made of glass through.

Above Ground Koi Ponds

Koi ponds serve the decorative purpose of holding koi fish inside of them. Koi fish or carp fish originate from the Asian regions of Japan and China. The reason why they are so widely used as a form of indoor attractions is the flamboyant and vibrancy of the fishes. Multi-Colored Koi fishes can pull people towards their beauty. Therefore, many people should consider acquiring an above-ground Koi pond on their premises.

Many things can go into constructing an above-ground Koi pond. One of the most important installations of any Koi pond is the filters. They help circulate the nitrogenous cycle by converting the wastes produced by the fishes. You can use several filters, which include mechanical or biological filters. Consult Oklahoma Ponds for information and advice.

Underground vs Above Ground Ponds

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to the two types of ponds. Many people opt for aboveground ponds because they claim that they are easier to maintain and clean. With above the ground ponds, you would not have to bend or kneel over for cleaning either. Alternatively, some people believe that underground ponds look more real than aboveground ponds. In addition, underground ponds provide you with more depth and space for aquatic life.

Install an Above Ground Pond in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Ponds is offering a chance for the residents of Oklahoma to add more flavors into their houses. They are well equipped to provide you with all the aboveground pond facilities and services that you may need. Above ground ponds are spectacular additions to your house. Not only do they create an aesthetic around the space, but they also encompass a natural aura to your surroundings.

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Oklahoma ponds are one of the best pond contractors in Oklahoma that offer a wide variety of pond layouts and landscapes. Make sure to give them a call on (405) 276-5706, as not only will they meet your pond expectations but also generously exceed them.
Their services run beyond the construction of the pond, and involve pond maintenance, repair, and cleaning.

Check out their website for more information and, you can even call them if you have an old rotting pond that is screaming for maintenance. Use their expertise to revive your old dirty pond into something unbelievable.

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