5 Best Pond Landscape Ideas for Your Backyard

A wise pond man once said it’s more about the scenery than it is about the energy. Landscapes are very important when constructing a pond, as they go a long way in giving the pond that air of mystery, mastery, or invincibility. Over the years, there has been a spike in unique ultramodern landscapes and luckily for you, Oklahoma Ponds has stayed acquainted with these developments. Our superb team has all the tools to give you that amazing landscape that you thought was photo shopped, and the best part is that we are affordable and professional. Let’s take you on a trip, to show you just how good we are at what we do.

What are the best Pond Landscapes?

Thanks to developing crafts and that little thing called the internet, pond landscapes seem to be as many as the ponds themselves. However, some are surely more iconic than the rest. Oklahoma Ponds has a long history of giving their clients amazing landscapes, and here are the best.

  • Statue Water Feature

This enviable pond landscape is a favorite for old souls and lovers of pristine artistry. This combines the best of the worlds of sculpturing as well as aquatic endeavors to give a fine result. A concrete ledge provides the perfect perch for a boy-with-hose fountain. This landscape feature would give your pond a classy look which will surely be the envy of your neighbors. We know what that means to you, so we’ll get it done!

  • Pond-Friendly Plants

Talk about killing multiple birds with a single stone, this innovative landscape handles so many issues that we are thinking about making it a bit costlier (just kidding). Landscaping makes a human-made pond appear natural while plants soften the space by adding color and texture. With this landscape, you’ll get the best of both worlds as well as having a pond that’ll become the cynosure of all eyes. Aquatic plants are very necessary for the health of a pond’s ecosystem, depriving the algae of its food source. Don’t fret, Oklahoma Ponds is here to construct your lovely pond-friendly plant landscape.

  • Hillside Waterfall

One of the biggest strengths of what we do is that we make sure to bring nature to you. That’s the biggest plus of our unique hillside waterfall landscape design. This course usually begins with the slope, then winds past stones, until it flows gently into a stacked-stone pond designed to complement the retaining wall. All these can be done by our company and any follow-up jobs too. All you need is a clear mind as we do what you ask!

  • Natural Flow

While some people are a new school, a lot of our customers ask for something more natural as it hits them closer to home. That’s why we also have the natural flow option, the only drawback being that you might need a little more space than usual to pull this off. However, if you have the required space then we’re good to go! Such facilities have many appealing qualities: they add movement and sound, are restful and mesmerizing to look at, and aerate the water, provide oxygen for fish, and other living things. This gives your pond not only a lovely outlook but it also promotes good nature practices. When designing a waterfall, we ensure that we keep it in scale with the pond, to maximize the pond’s potential. Waterfalls are most beautiful when large, overhanging rocks or smooth, flat flagstones are used for the lip of the falls. That’s quite breathtaking.

  • Canadian Waters

You knew that we just had to close out the list with a pond landscape that our customers from Canada would truly gobble up. This landscape is a favorite for the people from the Northside and rightly so, it’s truly breathtaking. Here, rocks surround a small pool before flowing down in a waterfall that emulates those found in surrounding mountains. It gives awesome scenery and shows a different side to the pond landscaping business adventure.

Can I fit a pond in my backyard?

This is a question that has been asked a lot of times lately at Oklahoma Ponds over time. Yes, of course, you can build the pond of your dreams right in your backyard, but there are a few things to consider and that’s what we will be showing you in the list below. Pay attention and don’t hesitate to call us if you got any questions or suggestions.

  • Location

You are installing the pond in your backyard, that’s for sure and luckily you have just enough space to do this and that’s wonderful. So what more do you need in terms of location? Surely, you don’t want to put a pond in a low spot that gets runoff when it rains, which can cause flooding. If that’s the only place available in your backyard, maybe you should consider another prospect. Also, it’ll be awesome if you get a place with ample protection from straying animals and pesky children. We surely don’t want a pond casualty, do we?

  • The View

What’s the point of installing a backyard pond if the view is nothing to write home about? The view is just as important as other aspects of the pond creation, and every pond owner deserves it. That’s why Oklahoma Ponds advises customers to get a location where the beauty of the pond can be properly appreciated, as that’s one of the most satisfying aspects of being a pond owner, no pond owner should be deprived of it. Ideally, a place with a nice view would have some foldable chairs and light furniture. That’ll do the trick.

  • Within Reach of an Electrical Outlet

For casual pond enthusiasts, this might be quite weird as what’s the point of having an electrical outlet close to a pond anyway? But for pond owning veterans, the reason isn’t that hard to decipher. You’ll need to plug in a pump to circulate the water and you may want an aerator, especially if you add fish. An outlet also lets you use outdoor lighting and other accessories. That’s the only way that your backyard pond would function properly and you’ll enjoy the perks of having it in your dwelling. Also, and very importantly ensure that your outlet is protected by a GFI (ground fault interrupter) to prevent shocks and tragic circumstances.

Professional Koi Pond Installation in Oklahoma

Getting a professionally installed Koi pond in your home is only a short phone call away. At Oklahoma Ponds, we have over 30 years of koi pond installation expertise in the great state of Oklahoma. We are Oklahoma City’s fastest growing pond contractor, and that is not by accident. We strive to be the leader in all things garden ponds and water features. Every service we offer comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Why choose us?

Specialized Company

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Each of our technicians are throughly trained in the care and construction of garden ponds and water features. All of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Reputable Company

Every service comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our company’s reputation is impeccable, just take a look at our Google Reviews.

Why Oklahoma Ponds can build you the best pond landscape

We’ve never been ones to blow our trumpets, but quite rightly so we have developed a reputation that precedes us as at Oklahoma Ponds, our mission is to be the number one garden pond contractor in the Oklahoma City Metro area. We do this by providing our customers with professional service, expert advice, and a personal guarantee that you will love working with us. Our family has been building and caring for koi, garden ponds, and water features for over 30 years and is the premier pond care company in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Your pond landscaping project is in safe hands with us and we’ll handle it just like we’ve handled the tons of other projects that we’ve worked on. You’re assured of quality, honesty, and consistency. It’s the Oklahoma Pond way!

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