Koi Pond Skimmer: What is it and How Does it Work?

The importance of pond skimmers cannot be exaggerated because without them leaves, twigs, pollen, dirt and other debris can accumulate in your expertly designed koi pond until they decompose and leave the pond a potential mess. This significantly ups the chances of algae growth in your pond, which can suffocate plants and endanger pond life. The decomposing debris can also pass out toxins that make the water murky and, on the not so long run, inhabitable. You can go the old fashioned way by manually netting out the debris, but a pond skimmer is a much easier way to remove floating debris.

What Is A Koi Pond Skimmer?

Koi ponds are meant to be peaceful and a place of enjoyment, but organic build up can really get in the way of that. The koi pond and water feature industry has come a long way in the last decade and we now have the luxury to create beautiful and low maintenance ponds. This all starts with the pond skimmer. That brings us to the question, what is a koi pond skimmer? A koi pond skimmer is an integral piece of a pond or water gardens filtration. This helps keep the feature clean and also serves as the first line of defense in keeping leaves, twigs, and other debris from settling on the bottom by catching the debris in an easy to empty debris basket. Cleaning the skimmer also just happens to be an easy task! Here at Oklahoma Ponds we make the provision of your essential aquatic items our top goal. You can contact us today for all of your pond construction and cleaning needs.

What Pond Skimmers Do For Your Koi Pond

Now that we’ve explained what exactly a pond skimmer does, it’s time to let you know why it’s super essential that you have one. Skimmers have been around for a while; some have awesome pros while the rest have a sad amount of cons. However, at Oklahoma Ponds, we install all of our ponds using the Aquascape brand, these skimmers are used widely in some of the most beautiful water features in the world. Let’s show you a few things that the pond skimmer can do for your pond.

  • Protection

While debris could be largely harmless when found in tiny quantities, it could become a full-blown menace when not nipped in the bud. That’s the awesome thing about the pond skimmer! With it, you can wave your debris problems away for good. At Oklahoma Ponds, we install top notch skimmers that grab larger debris and then a skimmer filter pad grabs finer particles before the water reaches the pump. That way your pond will be tidy, hygienic, and free from the clogs that affect other aquatic facility owners.

  • Easy Access

Pond cleaning tools weren’t invented just yesterday; they’ve been around for for decades, however most of them went out of preference due to the difficulty in access. Well, the pond skimmer is the complete opposite as it’s installation is just at the edge of the pond. This makes for easy access to your pump should something go wrong. There is zero need to step in the pond to check your pump or pull it from the feature for the winter.

  • Return Clean Water

One of the most underrated features of this component is the ability to return clean water without necessarily frustrating the entire process. Thanks to the pond skimmer, your pond can now have protect water flow to your pump. Think about all the stress you go through doing this manually!

  • Aerate The Water

Okay, this might sound a bit heady but proper ponds need to be aerated, this is essential to keep the plants alive and the inhabitants of the pond healthy. The skimmer performs this role quite admirably indeed. The pump in the skimmer constantly moves the water by pulling it in, even if you can’t see a strong current. This gentle movement generated is enough to keep the surface of the water changing constantly, and it helps the water on the surface absorb oxygen releasing it as it is pumped into the bottom of the component. The importance of aerating cannot be understated and is super is important to keep the facility from becoming stagnant.

  • Skimming Action

There’s a saying that goes, prevention is better than cure. We didn’t pay attention to that saying until we saw it first hand in our years of experience. But thanks to the high-grade skimmer on show, the days of debris nightmares are long gone as your skimmer is constantly pulling water into it, it’s also skimming any debris that has fallen into your pond. That way the debris is nipped in the bud before it even accumulates and becomes a menace.

Do I Need Koi Pond Skimmer?

Well, the ball is in your court and there’s no way that we’d tell you otherwise. However, it’s a really smart option to ditch the complex and go for a simple and easy to use option that is even more effective. A skimmer gives you so much for so little and makes you forget the arduous pond cleaning days in no time.

If your pond pump is getting constantly clogged , then you probably need it. Skimmers are designed to eliminate water quality problems and reduce maintenance by removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond, allowing a pond to be installed anywhere, even beneath trees. If you’re looking for quick and professional installation, then Oklahoma Ponds is your team!

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